Coach John Stephens 

John Stephens is a member of USA Fencing and certified by the United States Fencing Coaching Association.  He currently coaches the Campbell High School and Pope High School fencing teams. Coach Stephens has served as fencing instructor for the 2013 Summer Institute of the Gifted program and the 2012 Georgia State fencing program. He has also coached the Fellowship Christian School, Walton High School and Alpharetta High School fencing teams and is an experienced armorer

Coach Emeritus Richard Shaw 

Richard Shaw is a founding member of Dunwoody Fencing Club.  He holds the coaching record for most Championship wins in the GHSFL. Coach Shaw has competed in local, regional and national competitions and is a four- time Georgia State Champion in the Veterans Division.

404 213-7517

735 West Crossville RoadRoswellGeorgia 30075, United States

Coach Jacob Wachtel 

Jacob Wachtel is a member of USA Fencing and certified by the United States Fencing Coaching Association.  He currently coaches the Milton High School fencing team.  Coach Wachtel won USA Fencing's 2013 Connor Porter Memorial Scholarship and was team captain for Pope High School. He is a USA Fencing certified referee who referees at the regional level. Coach Wachtel is also a teacher at Marietta High School

Head Coach Kathy Vail

Kathy Vail, Head Coach and owner of Dunwoody Fencing Club, is a professional epee coach certified by the United States Fencing Coaches Association and by USA Fencing.  Coach Vail completed her training at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.  She serves as USA Fencing's Regional Coordinator for the Southeastern US.  She is past Chairman of the USA Fencing Scholastic/Collegiate Task Force and current member of USA Fencing's Club/Member Services Committee.  Coach Vail has been named to the United States Fencing Coaches Association Professional Development Committee.  She is also an NFHS accredited interscholastic coach. Coach Vail is the co-founder and current Vice-Chairman of the Georgia High School Fencing League.  She is a past Chairman of the Georgia Division of USA Fencing, was nominated for Developmental Coach of the Year in 2011 and named a USA Fencing Spirit of Sport Champion in 2018.  In 2019, Coach Vail was honored to receive USA Fencing's Outstanding Service Award in Youth Fencing. Fencers trained by Coach Vail have won national championships and earned medals in local, regional, national and international competition.  She has also trained fencers who have earned college scholarships and who compete in NCAA Division I programs

Coach Brent Nieman

​Brent Nieman is a member of USA Fencing and has fenced in Georgia since 1985. He is the former owner and coach of Decatur Blades. He has led fencing camp at the Decatur Recreation Center and taught fencing courses at Georgia State University, Emory Community Education and the Cliff Valley School. Coach Nieman is a retired public educator having taught elementary school for over 30 years

Coach James "Chad" Morris

Chad Morris is a member of USA Fencing and certified by the United States Fencing Coaches Association. He currently teaches at Pinecrest Academy and coaches the Pinecrest Academy fencing team. Coach Morris competes in regional and national competitions and is a USA Fencing certified referee who referees at the national level

Coach Emeritus Matthew Cole

Matthew Cole is a graduate of Washington University and the University of Denver. He is a  member of USA Fencing and certified by the USFCA. Coach Cole is a USA Fencing certified referee  who referees at the national level. He is a past Chief of Referees for the Georgia High School Fencing League and has served on the GHSFL Board of Directors. Coach Cole currently resides in Colorado

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